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Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird? Close to this feeling is possibly balooning. Suspended in the gondola, moving with the wind, especially above some fantastic location is an experience second to none. One of the trip that I would recommend to do is in Egypt, above Hatshepsut Temple. In one of my previous blogs I wrote about …

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In the village of Tokarnia, 20km from Kielce, is the 80-hectare Open-Air Museum of the Kielce Village. The skansen  or as it is called, the open-air museum of traditional architecture includes many structures complete with interiors. The museum is composed of  five sectors: small-town architecture, highlands, estate and farm, Swiętokrzyskie architecture and the local landscape. It was founded in 1976 and opened in …

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Hatshepsut Temple is located beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the Nile. Hatshepsut’s chancellor and royal architect oversaw construction and most likely designed the temple. It is one of the most characteristic temples in the whole of Egypt, due to its design and decorations; it was built of limestone, not sandstone like most of the other funerary temples of …

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Past perfect


Time and wars change landscapes and architecture. Poland was always at the crossroads and mighty enemies trumpled the land, left beautiful buildings in ruins. Some of the buildings were too difficult to repair and were left to decay. Buttered and bruised, they still stand proudly. They remind us about the past, about what has been lost, but at the same …

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Baltic Sea


Summer or Winter, Autumn or Spring, Baltic Sea is the favourite location for holidays for Polish people. Golden sandy beaches, clean sea, albeit a bit cold, wonderful pine tree forests are perfect for the relaxation in any season. It also is rich in history, has  unspoiled nature ad generally has  safe environment. Some data to start with, the maximum depth …

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Ribeira Brava

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Ribeira Brava is one of the oldest settlements of the island of Madeira and is located along the southern coast, west of Câmara de Lobos. The access to the town since the construction of the two-lane motorway from Funchal is much easier than in the past.  This little colourful town boasts many street cafés and shops. Some think that  the name came from …

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Święcino is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Główczyce in in northern Poland. On September 17th, 1462 a decisive battle between the Polish army and the Knights of Teutonic Order took place nearby the village. The Teuton army lost around 1000 soldiers, including some 300 cavalrymen, while Polish army lost 100 soldiers. Such a spelndind win was a result of adopting a …

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Grutas Sao Vicente

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The caves of São Vicente is the largest known cave system on Madeira Island. These caves were opened to the public on 1 October 1996. They were formed by a volcanic eruption; the lava came down to the sea, the outer portion was exposed to lower temperatures and solidified rapidly, while inside, the lava continued to flow with many gases …

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Orthodox Church Architecture


Russian Orthodox churches have distinct and recognizable style among church architectures. As early as the fifth century, church plans varied from in every part of the world. Basilicas for example were long rectangular structures divided into aisles by columns with a semi-cylindrical apse at one end of the nave. The most dramatic feature of the church are domes. Russian domes have onion shape. The church …

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Cloud nine

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The forests and hills in Madeira are amazing, but what makes them very special is low clouds. One minute you can see clearly for miles, next the visibility drops to zero and driving is almost impossible. The well known place to go to see the amazing clouds is Pico do Arieiro, but not necessarily, as the weather may change very rapidly …

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Vladimir was one of the medieval capitals of Russia, and two of its famous and stunningly beautiful cathedrals are a World Heritage Site; these are the Golden Gates, Vladimir’s unofficial symbol, and the Assumption and St. Demetrius Cathedrals. The town is located in the heart of the historic Vladimir region some 180 kilometers northeast of Moscow, on the bank of the Klyazma River. It …

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Characterised by its small thatched  houses with sloping triangular rooftops, Santana is a beautiful village. The village is positioned on the North East coast of Madeira. These small houses built of natural stone and thatched with straw have served the locals for centuries. Used by farmers or fishermen, this small “A-framed” cottages are called palheiros. The cottages have thatched roofs and …

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Camara de Lobos

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Long, long time ago, there was a man called Winston Churchil. He lead Great Britain for most of the World War Two. He was a great statemen,  an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, but also an artist.  One day in January 1950 he arrived in Funchal and met with a very warm welcome. Churchill admired beautiful landscapes of …

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Llevadas walk

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If you enjoy walking, you will be spellbound by the unique experience of walks alongside Madeira Levadas which penetrate virtually every part of the mountainous terrain of Madeira. The paths are accompanied by a vital element; water and an ancient Forest from the tertiary era. “Levada” is a Portuguese word derived from the word “levar” – which means to carry and …

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Nubian Villages

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On any trip to Egypt, one should explore the simple and natural life of the very kind and hospitable Nubian people. Trips to the villages are organised by many travel companies. Some of the villages, like for example Siou and Koti are beautifully situated amid palm groves. Many of the houses are painted vivid blue or yellow. Some of them are …

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