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Moszna Revisited


There are some places that one wants to see not once, not twice but many times. German emperor Wilhelm II visited Moszna twice, so if it is good for emepror, it is good for me to revisit it!  Moszna Castle in Silesia region of Poland. The castle looks like a fairy tale castle with its tall 99 towers and neo-gothic decorated multiple …

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Jastarnia is is a small town on the Hel Peninsula on the Baltic Sea. For many decades it has been a popular Polish seaside resort and small fishing port. It is most famous for its sandy beach and impressive dunes; some of these dunes are as much as nine metres tall!  The first settlement was established here before 400 B.C., the first …

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Hel not Hell

The Hel Peninsula it is 36 km long sandy spit situated at the western part of Gdansk Bay at southern Baltic, in Poland. The Hel Spit is long and narrow land with 2 to 3 metres dunes. At some places reach the height of 13 m above sea level. Hel was the place where Polish Army held out the longest against …

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