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Silesian Trip


Travelling in Silesia, it is worth to visit some of the less known places like Gosciszow, Lomnica, Lubomierz, Nowogrodzie, Miedzylesie, Proszowka, Wojanow and Zelazno, all charming towns, castles and palaces. Many of the palaces and castles are still in ruin in this area, but some, like Lomnica have been restored. In Lomnica, painstakingly restored wall paintings, painted marbling and magnificent …

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Kamieniec Zabkowicki and Kliczkow


Kamieniec Zabkowicki is known for the former Kamieniec Abbey, established in 1209 as an Augustinian college at the site of a former castle of Bretislaus II of Bohemia. In 1247 it became a filial monastery of the Cistercian Abbey. Secularized in 1810 by order of King Frederick William III of Prussia, the estates of Kameniec were acquired by Wilhelmine of …

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