River Nile II

DSC 14252

The history of Egypt is totally dominated by the River Nile. Not only all transportation in the past was by boat along the river but also the religion was closely connected with the river – it was believed that Gods travel by  barques, as well as the souls of the dead in the afterlife. Today the feluccas rarely have engines. They use  broad canvas sails made from cotton. It is a very enjoyable form of transport, peaceful and allowing you to enjoy the views in the gentle breeze. Nowadays feluccas are made of wood and other components. They don’t have a keel as such, but a heavy centreplate which can be raised in the shallows. Taking this traditional sailboats down the Nile is something you must do when visiting Egypt, it may not be as comfortable as a cruise ship and not as punctual (as it is reliant on wind-power and are dependent upon the wind factor to propel forth) but nothing can beat sailing in a boat that was designed thousands of years ago!