Suzdal is a town situated northeast of Moscow, some 26 kilometers  from the city of Vladimir. It is situated on the Kamenka River, amongst the fertile plains called the “opoliye”.  Suzdal is one of the oldest towns in the north-eastern part of Russia and it forms part of the Golden Ring. The Golden Ring is recognized as the one of Russian cultural treasures  and called an Open Air Museum, with brilliant architecture of the 12th-19th century  such as monasteries, churches, cathedrals, and the Kremlin. Suzdal, fabulously ancient and wonderfully adorned, occupies a special place among the other Russian towns as almost the entire town is a museum.  The most interesting monuments of Suzdal are: Saint Nicholas church built in Glotovo Russia in 1766 and moved to Suzdal in 1960 as an example of the wooden architecture; St. John the Baptist Church built in 1720; St Alexander Convent built in 1240 where the princesses of Suzdal, Mariya and Agrippina were buried in 14th century and Convent of Intercession found in 1264 with a Cathedral of Intercession from 1518.