Camara de Lobos

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Long, long time ago, there was a man called Winston Churchil. He lead Great Britain for most of the World War Two. He was a great statemen,  an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, but also an artist.  One day in January 1950 he arrived in Funchal and met with a very warm welcome. Churchill admired beautiful landscapes of Madeira and painted many images here. Câmara de Lobos, a picturesque village is situated close to the capital of the island. Fisherman in their little colourful boats specialise in catching  the black scabbard fish. It is this unique bay that Winston Churchill could not resist painting!   There still is a monument in the village that reminds of his paintings. The atmosphere in a village has changed little since Churchill visit, yes there are cars and tourist running around, but the bay is still the same and houses around changed very little, so if you just remove the colour from your pictures and turn them into old sepia, as if by magic, you go back in time.