Cloud nine

DSC 1835

The forests and hills in Madeira are amazing, but what makes them very special is low clouds. One minute you can see clearly for miles, next the visibility drops to zero and driving is almost impossible. The well known place to go to see the amazing clouds is Pico do Arieiro, but not necessarily, as the weather may change very rapidly on Madeira, not only in the North but in the South as well.  Madeira is a very hilly island blessed with a wide range of microclimates and arguably, the island has just about the most perfect climate in the world. It is never too hot (temperatures can get up to around 33 °C ) averaging a maximum of 24 °C during the summer months, while in winter, there is a minimum of 17 °C. As Madeira has a diverse landscape with 50% of the island being above 700m, one can expect the higher regions of Madeira, especially in the centre,  to be often covered in cool mist during the morning. It adds mystery and interests, so for a photographer, it is like to be on cloud nine!