Święcino is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Główczyce in in northern Poland. On September 17th, 1462 a decisive battle between the Polish army and the Knights of Teutonic Order took place nearby the village. The Teuton army lost around 1000 soldiers, including some 300 cavalrymen, while Polish army lost 100 soldiers. Such a spelndind win was a result of adopting a completely new  military tacti; a fortified camp was built on the Hussite model with wagons linked by a chain surrounded by a deep ditch  The battle contributed significantly to the final defeat of the Order, it was a  turning point in the 13-Year-War (1454 – 1466) and it made possible Pomerania’ s reversal to  Poland under the Torun Treaty in 1466. Near the village there is an obelisk commemorating this bloody battle.  The obelisk was erected in 1962. In August, the battle is recreated here, the knights stage fights, the medieval camps are set up, armour is displayed and many shows are organised to commemorate this important battle.