Baltic Sea


Summer or Winter, Autumn or Spring, Baltic Sea is the favourite location for holidays for Polish people. Golden sandy beaches, clean sea, albeit a bit cold, wonderful pine tree forests are perfect for the relaxation in any season. It also is rich in history, has  unspoiled nature ad generally has  safe environment. Some data to start with, the maximum depth is 459 m, it is about 1,600 km  long, an average of 193 km wide, and an average of 55 m deep. The maximum depth is 459 meres. Baltic Sea is the largest, low salinity water body in the world. One of its chief characteristics is that it divides itself into a number of basins of varying depths, separated by shallow areas. Baltic coastline in Poland is 788 kilometers long. Swinoujscie, Miedzyzdroje, Rewal, Niechorze, Mrzezyno, Dzwirzyno, Kolobrzeg, Ustronie Morskie, Sarbinowo, Mielno, Dabki and Darlowo are famous holiday sea resorts where everyone flocks in the summer time, but go any other time than July and August and the beaches are simply yours! So visit golden beaches, find some pieces of amber, take a walk in the wind by photogenic cliffs, take a horse for a trot or admire frozen sea in cold winters!