Past perfect


Time and wars change landscapes and architecture. Poland was always at the crossroads and mighty enemies trumpled the land, left beautiful buildings in ruins. Some of the buildings were too difficult to repair and were left to decay. Buttered and bruised, they still stand proudly. They remind us about the past, about what has been lost, but at the same time, they add charm and mystery to the Polish landscape. The castles, manor houses, palaces and towers are grateful subjects for photography. Let me introduce some of the interesting buildings that are still perfect, though in another way. The first row of pictures is of Starogard, the next two of Krzyztopor, followed by Ilza and Odrzykon. The last two rows are of Siewierz and Sobkow. Scattered around Poland, are visited frequently in summer time; in winter they stand in solitude and silence but are always welcoming.