Polish Gems


There are coutless fascinating palaces in Poland. Some of them are museums with lavish collections of furniture, pictures, porcelain, arms and armour, some taken over by the state were turn into government offices, agricultural institutions and  colleges. Quite a few of them were turned into hotels. There is also a percentage of them privately owned and not open to the public. There are about 2,800 palaces throughout Poland. Most of them were built for kings, magnates, aristocrats and noble people (not surprising as they cost a fortune) some time in the 17th and 18th centuries. Unfortunately, throughout its history, Poland was a war-torn country, because of its positioning between Russia and Prussia and many of these architectural gems were destroyed. Some of the biggest palaces are Łańcut, Książ, Krasiczyn, Łazienki, but there are some less known ones, equally beautiful (even though on a smaller scale) worth visiting: Lubostroń, Warcino, Tarce, Rydzyna, Moszna, Rogalin, Kórnik, Opinogóra, Gołuchów. Most of these residences are surrounded by astonishing gardens and parks.