Alhambra II


In my previous post I have written about history of Alhambra, here I will point some highlights of the place. The Hall of the Embassadors with its colossal ceiling is a masterpiece of carpentry depicting the seven heavens of Moslem paradise; it was used for royal audiences and court ceremonies.  The Royal baths are amazing in shape and the galleries above were used by the musician who would entertain the bathers. The Hall of the Two Sisters with its cupola of sculpted stalagtites is simply stunning. Its name comes from the two identical white marble slabs in the floor. The Court of the Lions is most famous of all the Alhambra, the twelve lions guard the marble fountain here and slender columns encircle the room.  The Hall of the Abencerrages is named after a powerful Moorish family of which Boabdil’s father murdered sixteen princes. The Palace of Charles V was begun in 1526 and never fully completed, nevertheless it is simply majestic.