Funchal I

The Madeiran Archipelago was discovered in 1419 and soon after, the settlement started.  The City of Funchal is the capital of the Madeira. It is nestled in a natural amphitheatre, facing the Atlantic and adding to its beauty, is a backdrop of spectacular mountains. The name Funchal comes from the abundance of wild fennel. Located in the south of Madeira, the sunniest part of the island, it is surrounded by banana plantations and gardens. All that makes Funchal a lush, green and relaxed city. Funchal’s history goes back over 5 centuries when early Portuguese settlers colonised the coast.  Thanks to its year-round temperate climate, the city is in bloom most of the year.  Keen gardeners will love the island’s lush vegetation.  Flower Festivals are held every year after Easter. The most exhilarating Funchal experience is the traditional wicker toboggan ride.  To avoid strenuous climb, take a cable car to Monte and brave zigzaging down through the streets at speeds up of to 48km per hour in a wicker toboggan (not really that fast, but it sounds good).  In the past,  toboggans were the fastes way for inhabitants to reach the city centre in the past, but today it is simply a tourist attraction.