Ghostly Glogowek


There is nothing more exciting than a visit to a ruined, deserted castle! One of the very interesting one is Głogówek, in the south of Poland. Such  people as Beethoven, king Jan Kazimierz or Adam Urban Waleczny were guests here, so  it is worth to stop by, despite that now it is badly damaged and seemingly unloved by the present owners.  The exact date of founding the castle is unknown but Piast fortress was here around 13th century.  Jan Oppersdorff  built a magnificent residence here in renaissance style in the years 1562-72. It was followed by enlarging the building by adding 4 towers by Johann II. His son, Johann III added a lower castle making the whole building as a square.  Walking the empty shell of a castle is an experience, all kind of strange noises reach your ears, like the ripped plastic that used to cover the windows and now moves with every gusts of wind, light that suddenly reaches you through the fallen ceilings and floors, the smell of  dampness and cold from the thick white walls…But what touches you the most is that the building is still strong and could be restored to the former glory, you can see perfectly shaped arches, marble staircases, wooden floor, original door frames and it is so sad that at present you just see the ghost of the past, unloved and left to rot.