Jastarnia is is a small town on the Hel Peninsula on the Baltic Sea. For many decades it has been a popular Polish seaside resort and small fishing port. It is most famous for its sandy beach and impressive dunes; some of these dunes are as much as nine metres tall!  The first settlement was established here before 400 B.C., the first written information about Jastarnia dates back to 1378. The fishing harbour was built between 1926 and 1928. Across the fishing port there is a small marina, well worth a quick visit. In the oldest part of the town there are some tiny street with small cottages as well as a church with an imposing tower. The fishing harbour supplies fresh fish to many local restaurant, so eating there is quite a treat as the fish is really fresh and tasty. One of these restaurant is called Checz Rybacka, which in Kashubian means Fisherman’s hut. With many seat outside, it is lovely to sit here and watch tourist while munching on a fresh fish (not that I would recommend to sit outside in the winter!).  Not far from the town there are some interesting concrete bunkers on the beach that were left from the World War II. Jastarnia is a wonderful seaside resort, a fishing harbour and a sailing center with great facilities.