Kazan, or Kasan, is a city in Tatarstan, on the Volga River east of Moscow. Founded in 1401, the city became the capital of a powerful Tartar khanate only to be conquered by powerful Tsar Ivan IV in 1552. Mosque Qul-Sarif (the building with the nice blue domes) stands in the place of the previous Mosque demolished in 1552. It is quite new, as building of it started in 1996.  This complex consists of four minarets reaching 57 metres high. Materials from different part of the world were used, granite and marble from Ural Mountains, carpets from Iran, crystal chandeliers from the Czech Republic and stuccos and mosaics from Saudi Arabia which symbolises the coexistence of Moslems and Orthodox people in the country. The Mosque serves not only as a place of warship but also a Museum of Islam faith, library and a seat of Imam.

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