Rogalin and Kórnik

Rogalin and Kórnik are two places that everybody should see. The residence in Rogalin is one of the major Polish residences erected in the 18th c. It owes its fame to the picturesque location,
eventful history, intriguing architecture, and magnificent art collections. The palace in Rogalin is surrounded by the largest cluster of monumental 700 years old oak trees in Europe. Palace and French-styled park and carriage house date back to the 18th century; they was designed by an unknown architect, most probably from the Warsaw-Saxon circle. In the 1780s the interior of the palace was converted into a classicist style. Kórnik Castle on the other hand, was originally built in 1430. Some parts of old walls and cellars survived to this day. In the 16th century the castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. In the 18th century it underwent most alterations and in 19th century the castle was given an interesting fortified character.

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