Szymbark and Bytów

One of my many trips this month took me to Szymbark and Bytów. Szymbark is very interesting place as there is an Open Air Museum, which boasts the world’s longest table and a house which has been built upside down, yes, you heard it right, upside down!!! , as well as a range of traditional food options and its own brewery. Only when you see it from inside you will understand how your brain can deceive your inner ear, as your balance will be simply – unbalanced! There is also a Siberian force labour hut ( people were shipped from Poland all the way to Russian Siberia in cattle trains) for decades). There is also a bakery and a brewery here.  The Castle in Bytów on the other hand is much older and equally interesting. It was built by the Teutonic Knights in 1398-1405. The major construction works were supervised by Nicolaus Fellensteyn, a master builder of the Order. The north wing, renovated in 1991 was turned into the Museum of Western Kashubia.

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