Zakynthos I

Zakynthos is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, the third largest one. It has a thriving tourism industry and it is a producer of olive oil, grapevine, citruses and raisins. Northern and eastern shores are famed for their sandy beaches, quite packed with tourists in summer months. The largest resort Laganas has got a spectacular beach that stretches for 10 km. In the southern part of the island there are plenty of picturesque beaches in secluded coves and in the western part, rugged cliffs and an interesting underwater world. The Venetians, who ruled Zákynthos from 1484 to 1797, called the island “Fioro di Levante” (flower of the East) and indeed the massive amount of flowers, to be precise, over 7,000 species can be found on the island. Some of the interesting places on the islands are: Banana Beach, Porto Vromi, Vasilikos.

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