Sao Miguel, Azores

Azores archipelago is one of the few unspoilt paradises on the planet and is composed of vast plains and pastures and extensive mountains that are divided by deep valleys. Due to the positioning,  islands are  in constant contact with both the high pressure areas common to the North Atlantic and the constantly moving polar and tropical air masses. The island of Sao Miguel is also referred to as “The Green Island”, due to the abundance of pasture and forests covering the island’s peaks. It is the biggest island of the archipelago, with 62.1 km in length and 15.8 km at its maximum width.  More than half of the Azorean population occupies an area of 744.7 sq. km. Until the earthquake of 1522, the capital of the island was the town of Vila Franca do Campo. Then, Ponta Delgada started to play the more important role and eventually in 1546 it became the capital.  Similar to other islands in the archipelago, Sao Miguel is influenced by ocean currents and winds, and in particular, the cyclonic Gulf Stream, keeping temperatures hovering between 14 °C to 26 °C throughout the year. Places to visit here are: Furnas, Ponta Delgada Ribeira Grande.

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