Kos I

Kos,  the Greek island lies in the group of the Dodecanese. It is 40 kilometres long and 8 kilometres wide. According to the Greek mythology, Kos is the sacred land of Asclepius, the god of healing. On the island, there are many monuments from the prehistoric times. Kos was inhabited by Minoans,later on by Achaean, Dorians and Persians. Athenians who took control of the island 460 BC.  The inhabitants of Kos built the sanctuary of Asklepeion honoring Hippocrates and the god Asklepios. It was used as a hospital, welcoming patients from all over the Mediterranean, with doctors who applied the therapeutic methods of Hippocrates. The Byzantine period brought prosperity to the island followed by the Roman period after 82 BC. In 1204 AD, the Venetians occupied the island of Kos d later on, the Knights of Saint John, who built the fortress at the entrance of the harbour. Turks took the island in 1522 and held it until 1912. In 1948, Kos got united to the rest of Greece.

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