Niedzica Castle or as sometimes called, Dunajec Castle, is located in southern Poland atop an ancient hill of limestone. It was erected in the 14th century.  It stands at an altitude of 566 m, on a hill 300 m upstream from the Dunajec River mouth. The castle was an important centre of Polish-Hungarian relations since the 14th century. The fortress was renovated many times in the fifteenth, sixteenth, eighteenth and in the beginning of the 19th century by its successive owners. The final reconstruction of the castle was completed in 1963 under the supervision of the Polish Ministry of Culture and since then it has served as a historical museum ever since. The most intriguing story about the castle is the “White Lady” ghost, who supposedly is Umina, the wife of Sebastian Brezevichy. He travelled to Peru in South America and married her. She was an Inca royal and together, they brought back to the castle Inca’s treasure.  Umina was murdered by a treasure thief and since the day of her tragic death, she appears in the castle every night. And the treasure? It was never found, despite that a document with the special code of a hiding place survived to this day.

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