Montepulciano, located in Tuscany, Italy is one of the most attractive hills towns in Tuscany. It is built on a ridge of Monte Poliziano in the province of Sienna in Tuscany. It is the ancient Etruscan city of Nocera Alfaterna. In the Middle Ages it was under the control of Florence, but was conquered by Sienna in 1260. The main street of Montepulciano stretches for 11.5 kilometres from the Porta al Prato to the Piazza Grande. It is a renaissance town and an important agricultural centre, famous for its Nobile wine. Montepulciano lies on a hilltop in a panoramic position and is surrounded by the 15th century defensive works by Antonio da Sangallo. Thanks to its history throughout the centuries, the town has preserved many architectural jewels and artistic treasures alongside the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.