Lanzarote II

Photographs in this part cover Yaiza, Timanfaya, Porto Caleo, Papagayo, Orzola, Mirador de Rio and Los Hervideros of this volcanic island. The moonscapes are most vivid in the island’s centre, while to the north there’s a gentle greenness. Lanzarote enjoys high temperatures, low rainfall and endless sunshine throughout the year. It is the easternmost island of Spain’s Canary Islands which sit far south of the Spanish mainland, closer to the east coast of Northern Africa.  The south is home to the best beaches on the island. Visible all over the island is the influence of the visionary artist, architect and environmentalist César Manrique. He was activly involved in stopping Lanzarote from the ravages of rampant development. His extraordinary art accentuate the unique geology of the island and are now its main tourist attractions.

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