Kamieniec Castle

Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń, a beautiful ruin that towers over the south-eastern Poland is from the time of the king Casimir the Great. Originally it was the royal estate; later on it became the property of the Kamieniecki family. This fortified stronghold was built at the southern borders of the country to protect the area against attacks from Russia and Hungary. Situated picturesquely on a limestone hill, it is the best preserved remains of a medieval castle in south of Poland. It is known for its story that inspired Aleksander Fredro, a famous Polish 19th century play writer to write his “Revenge”. It was based on a true feud between two families Skotniccy and Firley, the owners of the castle. The conflict was resolved only by the great love between the daughter of Skotnicki and the son of Firlej and their subsequent marriage. Later on, the history of the castle was full of disastrous events; it was besieged and destroyed during the wars against Sweden in 17th century and although rebuilt, two centuries later, it was again a ruin. Taken over by the state after the Second World War, it was eventually returned to the private owners, who are trying to restore it. The building is divided into three parts: medium, high and low castle but only part of the castle is available to visitors. At the top of the castle stands the statue of Tadeusz Kosciuszko placed there on the 100th anniversary of the Polish insurrection.

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