Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos in Greece, is a small, ancient village on the east coast of Rhodes with the magnificent Acropolis towering above it. The views as you arrive here are, whitewashed houses, ambling donkeys and car-free cobbled streets. The village has a preservation order, so in theory nothing can spoil its authentic look.  Lindos was founded by the Dorians, who arrived in about the 10th century BC. It developed quickly into a major trading centre, but lost its importance when the city of Rhodes was established. In classical times, the acropolis of Lindos was dominated by the massive temple of Athena Lindia. In the 14th century the temple was partly overlaid by a massive fortress built by the Knights of St John. The ruins demonstrate the wealth of the town where the temple would have stood in the 4th century. On the southwest side of the hill, there was a theatre holding 1800 people, today, only some rows of seats are left.

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