Sanok Falk Architecture Musem

The Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok, also known as the Ethnographic Park, is the first and the largest open-air museums in Poland. On display here are examples of architecture from the Russo-Polish border, that is in the south-eastern regions of today’s Poland: Bieszczady Mountains, Low Beskids, the Jasło and Sanok Dales, Ciężkowice and Dynów Foothills, as well as parts of the Przemyśl and Strzyżów Foothills.  The Ethnographic Park is located on a picturesque hill by the San River. History in the form of peasants’ dwellings, manors, religious buildings like a chapel and a 17th century Orthodox Church, a water mill, a smithy, a windmill, a charnel house, a sawmill, granaries, and even the local inn has been recreated in the museum. The museum grounds are very varied adding interest to the display of houses. Today the museum boasts around 150 wooden structures, all from the 17th and 20th century. The ethnographic museum hosts many exhibitions, folk music concerts and different themed workshops and educational activities.

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