Lublin is a thriving city with plenty of historical building, yet also some new, well design architecture. Krakowskie Przedmiescie, the representative street of Lublin, is the favourite place for entertainment for the town’s inhabitants and visitors. There are many coffee shops, artistic basement bars and restaurants to choose from. The first permanent settlements on the future site of Lublin were established in the early Middle Ages, as in 1392, the city received an important trade privilege from the king; the peace between Poland and Lithuania enabled a fast development into a trade centre. Today, Lublin Old Town is one of the most precious Polish complexes of historic buildings. It is however worth visiting not only the famous Old Town here, but also a nearby Open Air Village Museum. This year it celebrates 35th anniversary.  There are over 50 historic buildings within the museum, all beautifully presented with fascinating details from the bygone era, but if that is not enough, the museum arranges temporary presentations connected with village farming and ritual events over the year, patriotic ceremonies, displays of disappearing crafts, educational workshops and other cultural events.

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