Krzyżtopór  is a  castle located in the village of Ujazd in southern Poland. It was built by Krzysztof Ossolinski in 1587-1645, however it was heavily demolished during the war with Sweden in 1655. The castle is a perfect example of the so-called palazzo in fortezza – a palace and fortress in one. The total size of the complex is 1.3 hectares; the length of perimeter walls is 700 meters; the total area of all interior rooms is around 70 000 square meters. Astonishingly, the castle  had 365 windows (as many as days of the year), 52 rooms (as many as weeks of the year) and 12 ballrooms (as many as months of the year).  It had been not only the largest castle in Europe until Versailles Castle was built but also, possibly the most extravagant, horses in stables had marble troughs and could admire themselves in crystal mirrors. In one of the rooms an aquarium with exotic fish functioned as a ceiling!