Opinogóra and Arkadia

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For all those living near Warsaw, Opinogóra and Arkadia are perfect places for a day trip. Opinogóra, is situated some 8 km east of Ciechanow; the Museum of Romanticism in Opinogóra. The museum is placed in a former palace complex of Krasińscy family.  Palace of Opiniogóra, located at the back of an old mansion was used to entertain guests invited by Krasiński family. Its slender tower and embattled walls in front of the driveway give it a defensive building character, hence the name. Arkadia Park on the other hand, is an example of a romantic English landscape garden. It was made created by Helena Radziwil in the 18th century. The park was ornamented with small buildings, intended to evoke the arcadian landscape of antiquity. The themes of the garden, as described by Princess Helena in a guidebook, were Love, Beauty, Happiness and Death. It has a serpentine lake, an Amphitheatre, a Gothic House, an Island of Feelings, an Island of Poplars, a Roman Aqueduct and a Temple of Diana.

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