Wilanów Light Display


Winter makes Wilanów, the Royal Palace in Warsaw a truly magical place thanks to the Light and Music show.  The Garden of Imagination and the Golden Courtyard installations are mounted in the garden and the lavish courtyard to the the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Over over 300,000 colorful LED lights arranged in Baroque patterns, modelled on the summer arrangement of flowers and other vegetation in the garden are truly magnificent. Additionally, six times a day a baroque music of Johann Pachelbel, Dmitri Shostakovich and others is played. The most impressive is the Golden Courtyard installation depicting a fountain and a six-horse royal coach, alluding to ceremonial parades staged by Jan III Sobieski, the king of Poland in 1674-1696, who would ride up to the palace in lavishly ornamented coaches. Visiting the Wilanow Palace and loseing yourself inside the Labyrinth of Light covering well over 1000 m², is a great fun for young and old.

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