Krobielowice Palace is a renaissance baroque building in a village Krobielowice, in Lower Silesia near Wroclaw. It is situated in a picturesque and peaceful place, surrounded by forests and ponds. For the very first time, the palace was mentioned around 1321. The original structure started off as a fortified manor house with a tower. From 1529 the property came under the control of the Premonstratensians Order who extended it by adding 3 more wings in renaissance style. Much later the southern side had a facade added and also 3 towers were constructed on the corners in baroque style. In the XIX century the palace became the property of the Prussian Field Marshall Gebhart Leberecht von Blücher. In the 20th century, the Palace was carefully renovated and turned into a hotel, restaurant and conference centre. There is also a Museum of the Battle of Waterloo there, showing its strong connection with the Napoleon period.

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