Zywiec and Pszczyna


The palace of the Habsburgs in Żywiec, also called the New Castle is the classicistic palace, built by the Habsburg family, was chosen for their abode. Before, where the palace stands, there were baroque outbuildings of Wielopolscy family. The New Palace now houses the Forestry and Lumber Technology School Complex. The neo-Classicist palace was built at the initiative of Archduke Albrecht Friedrich Rudolf von Habsburg in the years 1885 to 1895. His son, Karol Stefan, who decided to settle here permanently, initiated the Żywiec line of the Habsburgs. Pszczyna palace so called, Pless Castle, is a classical-style palace in the city of Pszczyna in south-western Poland. Constructed as a castle in 13th century or earlier, in a Gothic architectural style, it was rebuilt in a Renaissance style in the 17th century. The first castle in Pszczyna was probably erected in 11th or 12th century by the Piast princes and it was used as a hunting palace also throughout the following centuries. A masonry castle was constructed in Pszczyna only in 15th century. This was initiated by Helena Korybutówna, a niece of Vladislav Jagiello. This medieval castle was reconstructed and expanded several times in time. The last reconstruction, in the neo baroque, was carried out in 1871-1876 by Hipollyte Alexandre Destailleur.

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