Gouvia and Angelokastro


Gouvia is a small former fishing village on the east coast of Corfu that has been developed throughout the last four decades into a modern holiday resort. Back in the 17th century it was a Venetian naval base, but now the village comes with more sophisticated waterfront credentials thanks to its smart marina. There are shops and lively bars in the centre, plus plenty of traditional Greek restaurants for meze. Angelokastro is a Byzantine castle on the island of Corfu, Greece. It is located at the top of the highest peak of the island’s shoreline (305 m above the sea), in the northwest coast near Palaiokastritsa. It is built on particularly precipitous and rocky terrain. Angelokastro is one of the most important fortified complexes of Byzantine Corfu. It forms an Acropolis, that surveyed the region all the way to the southern Adriatic and therefore presented a formidable strategic vantage point to the occupant of the castle.

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