Sidari’s Canal d’Amour


The village of Sidari is quite known as one of the best tourist resorts in Corfu.The village is surrounded by a charming landscape full of lush green forests. The star attraction in Sidari is the famous Canal D’Amour, which as the name would suggest, is a natural canal created by a series of impressive rock formations. The rocks run in different shades of yellow and lots of greenery at the top. One can reach these stunning coves through several paths and steps. With beautiful crystalline waters, the Channel of Love is one of the most unique spots in Corfu. According to the tradition couples who swim through the narrow canal will get married soon. There are a number of beautiful coves nearby, with soft golden sand and clear blue sea, perfect for swimming in or enjoying a peaceful sunbathe. The exceptionally clear waters make Sidari perfect for snorkelling, diving and other water sports.

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