Assos and Argostoli


Assos is a quiet village on the west coast of Kefalonia. It is nestled by a horseshoe-shaped bay filled with azure waters. There are a handful of waterside tavernas down by the harbour, each with views of the pebbly beach. At the back of the village there are rolling hillside carpeted with cypress and pine trees. On top of one of the hills sits a huge 16th-century fortress overlooking the village. The island’s capital Argostoli is 50 minutes’ drive away from Assos. It is positioned on the far end of the natural bay surrounded by mountains and forests. Beautiful Venetian buildings used to adorn the town before they were destroyed, as other villages of the island in the major earthquake of 1953.The town’s big draw is the Drapano Bridge, a 650-metre long stone bridge built in the 19th-century.

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