Wasowo and Antonin


Wąsowo is a hotel complex near the city of Poznan. Situated in the ancient 300-year-old English style park, it comprises of The Hardt Palace and other outbuildings. The Gardener’s House located is a historical 100-year-old rural–style building. There is also the Wasowo Farmstead that offers a truly unique glimpse into a different way of lifestyle of the past. The village consists of three farm-like cottages. Antonin on the other hand is situated on the edge of the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. It is a unique wooden palace in the park, all made of larch. Designed by Frideric von Schinel for Duke Antoni Radziwill, it was built in 1824. It is situated amidst extensive woodland with old, majestic oaks and an English style garden.

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