Czocha Castle is a defensive castle in a Silesia region of Southern Poland. It is located in the picturesque and secluded area near the town of Lesna by picturesque Lake Leśniański and is one of the most beautiful castles in Poland.  Its construction was ordered by the king Wenceslav I of Bohemia in the 13th century. Later on it became a seat for knight families. A thorough reconstruction in the Renaissance style took place in the 16th century and in the 17th century, the castle acquired a form of an magnificent residence. At first, ithe castle seems to be dark and gloomy,  but past the forbidding gates and you are in an attractive village-like street of stables and outbuildings. The look of the medieval stronghold is accentuated with the walls crowned with roofed galleries. The courtyard is where you can find the “well of the unfaithful wives”, while everywhere there are hidden corners. The castle is open to hotel guests as well as visitors. Many medieval tournaments and other cultural events take place here regularly.