San Leo


San Leo is a tiny, spectacular village  located about 135 km southeast of Bologna. Situated on a hilltop, 600 metres above sea level it has been occupied since Roman times. San Leo is listed as a ‘most beautiful village in Italy’ and it rightly deserves this title, a secluded place paved in stone and surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere. It overlooks the valley of river Marecchia and a landscape of woods, rocky peaks and ravines adds charm to its location. The highlight of San Leo is the stunningly located fortress, on a large rock above the village. Must see in San Leo is the Rocca, whose Medieval origins can be seen in the armory,  the Pieve – pre romanesque Basilica, Piazza Dante, the Fort of San Leo, the Cathedral built on the site of an ancient Roman temple; the Bell tower with its bell dating back to the 1300s, Palazzo della Rovere, Palazzo Cardini and Palazzo Mediceo.