Bogolubovo, a settlement near Vladimir  was once the residence of the russian Princ Andrey Bogolubsky. The town was built between 1158 and 1165 by his order the mouth of the Nerl river. Its name means “God- loving” in Russian. Great Prince spent 17 years of his reign here before he was murdered in 1174. After his death, the down declined rapidly. Since 13th century, Bogolyubovo is only a small village, but with famous churches.  Some of the best known religious complexes are found here including a Bogolyubovo Monastery and a Church of the Intercession on the Nerli. After Russian Revolution in 1917 many of the monasteries and churches were closed, others destroyed. Only after collapse of Soviet Union, the revival of Orthodox structure was possible. From the distance, you can see the whitewashed walls of the churches and clear blue domes. Fantastic Church of the Intercession is celebrated for its proportions, its location, and the builders’ precocious use of stone at a time when wood was the building material of choice.