Rostov is one of the oldest towns in the country and a tourist center of the Golden Ring. Rostov is located on the shore of the Nero lake, 190 kilometers north of Moscow. While the official name of the town is Rostov, it is better known to Russians as Rostov Veliky ( Rostov the Great). This name is used to distinguish it from Rostov-on-Don. Rostov has dozens of amazing sites to visit but the centerpiece of this historic town is its silver-domed Kremlin. This Kremlin was originally built not as a fortress, but as a residence of the local church leader. Some other amazing churches in Rostov are: Vozneseniya, Spasa na Senyakh, and St. John the Divine. The Uspensky Cathedral, built in the 16th century is famous for its bells – fifteen of them that can be heard some 20 km away.