Malbork II


From the previous post you can get some information about this mighty castle, while this one is dedicated to the celebrations that take place every year in July. Concerts, displays of knights battling and all things based on  a medieval theme makes this castle alive. One of the biggest show is the Siege of Malbork,  which combines the historic character of the mightiest Middle Ages European  fortress with entertainment and education. The event refers to  the famous battle of 1410, when the victorious armies of King  Jagiełło set off from the fields of Grunwald towards the Teutonic  stronghold. The streets are full of entartainers, music is everywhere and plenty of stalls offer all kind of food,  medieval art and craft. As if by magic, the place goes back some 500 years or so and you see people wearing medieval costumes, knights fighting, monks making paper and crowds watching mocks executions !